Voting Support & Advocacy for Iowans with Disabilities

Disability Rights Iowa exists to defend and promote the human and legal rights of Iowans with disabilities and mental illnesses. Everyone has a right to vote. We’re here to facilitate and support you in making that happen.

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The #CaucusAccess Petition

The Iowa caucuses are FIRST in the nation, so shouldn’t they be the BEST in the nation?

This petition is a call for Iowans to support better access to the caucuses for their families, neighbors, and friends. There are real Iowans with disabilities who have trouble participating in one of our proudest political traditions. This petition will show parties and campaigns from both sides of the isle that #CaucusAccess is important to Iowa.

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Caucus Access Resources

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Resources to make your materials and events accessible.

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Caucus Attendees

Resources to help your caucus experience go smoothly.


Caucus Staff

Resources to make your caucus site accessible.

Nothing Should Hinder You From Voting.

If you have been denied your voting rights or have questions regarding specifics on how to vote, contact Disability Rights Iowa today.


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