Jim is a person with a disability from Polk County. He has attended the caucuses for years, but stopped recently because of increased difficulty for him and his wife Sharon as they get older. Despite this, Jim believes that it is important for people with disabilities to caucus.

At 84 years old, Jim has seen his fair share of caucuses. Decades ago at his first caucus, he wasn’t allowed in the room without his mother, because caucus staff didn’t think he’d be able to participate on his own.

Caucusing is an integral part of civic engagement, according to Jim. He has strong beliefs about America’s political process and wants everyone to participate.

“People with disabilities are part of the culture, and need to be accepted as part of the community,” Jim said.

Because of experiences like Jim’s, Disability Rights Iowa has worked to meet with both major political parties to make the February 3, 2020 caucuses accessible. It is important that the disability community is involved in a continual effort for access.

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